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APA Annotated of Bibliography BUSI 604 D09 –Forum 6 Module 6 7/31/2013 Dimensions of culture 1. Scholtens, B., & Dam, L. (2007). Cultural values and international differences in business ethics. Journal of Business Ethics,75(3), 273-284. doi: Bert Scholtens, Ph.D., who has been working in University of Groningen, The Netherland, has researched particularly on the interaction between financial institution and social responsibility. Mr. Lammartjen Dam is the student of Ph.D. at University of Groningen, The Netherland. This research paper they analyze the ethical policies of 2700 organization from 24 different countries. The writers looked into the organizations human rights policy, bribery and corruptions and its code of ethics. They found that significant difference in policies of firms headquartered in different countries. They concluded by stating that cultural values are important determinant of differences in ethical policies. 2. Yeganeh, H. (2011). Culture and international trade: evidence from Canada. International Journal of Commerce and Management, 21(4), 381+. Retrieved from Dr.Hamid Yeganeh is the assistant professor at the Winona State University in Minnesota, and author of various journals. His previous researches focused on international business and cross cultural management. This research focused on the effects of culture on the international trade. The research model was incorporated to test the effects of cultural variables, religion and language commonalities on international trade between Canada and 53 other countries. The research shows that the linguistic commonality has positive influence but culture and religion doesn’t seem to have any significant effect on

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