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Annotation Paper On Drug Use And Teens

  • Submitted by: Sheronda
  • on March 19, 2011
  • Category: History
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Annotation Paper on Drug Use and Teens

Prepared by:
Ridley, Sheronda

Twombly, Eric C., Holtz, Kristin D. (2008) Teens and the Misuse of Prescription Drugs: Evidence-Based Recommendations to Curb a Growing Societal Problem. J. Prim Prev. 2008 29(6): 503-516. 2008 Springer
A social-ecological framework to review the problem of prescription drug use among teens, analyzing multiple factors that may influence teen knowledge and their attitudes and provide recommendations for practice that attempt to overcome these challenges. These authors intend that it is a growing public health problem based on large scale, national surveys. Environmental factors, whether proximal or close relationships such as family and peers, and distal relationships such as those through culture and community. Knowing these factors and acquiring as much accurate information, can develop protective attitudes that are important components of substance use prevention.

Watkins, Katherine E., Ellickson, Phyllis L., Vaiana, Mary E., Hironmoto, Scott. An Update on Adolescent Drug Use: What School Counselors Need to Know. Professional School Counseling; Dec. 2006, Vol. 10 Issue 2, p 131-138, 8p
Substance use affects areas of the brain and cause behavioral, psychological and social consequences particularly in adolescents whose brain development changes in structure, behavior and social functioning. Recent research suggesting that because the adolescent brain may still developing through adulthood, the adolescent brain has a vulnerability to the development of addiction. Substances targeted are ecstasy, methamphetamines, cough and cold medicines, prescription opiates and stimulants and “date rape” drugs such as GHB and sedatives. School counselors targeted because they are positioned to inform and educate about the harmful effects of substance use. Along with targeting these specific drugs, included are prevention messages for each drug class as well...

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