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Annotated Media Folio Crime: Sentencing and Punishment & Young Offenders Annotated Bibliography 1 Sydney Morning Herald, Milat Jailed for 43 years, Paul Bibby, June 8, 2012, This article provides information on a recent case where Matthew Milat took the life of an innocent 17-year-old David Auchterlonie in a brutal murder. This article relates to sentencing and punishment as Matthew Milat has been sentenced to 43 years in jail with a 30 year non-parole period and his accomplice Cohen Klein was sentenced to a 32 years in jail with a 22-year non-parole period. Although David’s mother and grandparents said Milat should be given a life sentence his youth, lack of…show more content…
It was a thoroughly senseless and brutal murder. "He took the life of an innocent young man who was unfortunate enough to be his friend in a completely brutal manner, simply for his own enjoyment. "Having regard to the whole of the evidence, I consider Milat, with his personality disorder, to be at best a substantial risk and poses a serious potential danger to the community. "I am unable to find that these are genuine expressions of remorse. In my view they were written for forensic purposes only. In particular the poems were particularly inconsistent with remorse. He almost appeared to be revelling in the events." On the night of November 20, 2010, David was lured into the Belanglo State Forest, where Ivan Milat killed seven backpackers in the early '90s, with the promise of smoking cannabis and drinking to celebrate his 17th birthday. He was joined by Milat and Klein - both now 19 and both convicted of murder - and a third friend, Chase Day, who has not been charged. When the teenagers arrived at the southern highlands forest, David was tortured, tormented and then murdered with a double-sided axe by…show more content…
''Increasing the risk of arrest and the likelihood of going to prison produces modest reductions in property and violent crime,'' Dr Weatherburn said. ''But increasing the length of prison sentences exerts no effect at all.'' The effect of income on property crime was more than 14 times larger than that of arrest, while its effect on violent crime was nearly five times larger. ''The best crime prevention tool in the long run is not tougher penalties or more police or better rehabilitation programs, it's a strong and vibrant economy,'' Dr Weatherburn said. If governments wanted to spend less on prison without suffering an increase in crime they needed to look for ways of stopping people reoffending and returning to prison. ''If we just divert people from prison and do nothing to stop them reoffending, the money we save on prison will be spent responding to an increase in crime,'' he said. The Attorney-General, Greg Smith, said the study results confirmed the O'Farrell government's approach to law and

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