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Does Genders Matter When Adopting? Angela K. Buford Philosophy of Ethics Professor Svatos November 17, 2013 Does Gender Matter When Adopting? Does parent mean man and woman? Gay couples have an extremely hard time adopting children. There is a stigmatism and many stereotypes that surround homosexuality which leads many people to bias opinions. Some groups say a child needs structure and how can having “parents” of the same sex show them structure. Gay and lesbian couples should be able to adopt a child as equals parents as heterosexual couples can. Maloney, L., (2007). Forgotten Children? Retrieved November 23, 2013 from Baker Library from Academic OneFile. The authors’ source is the Journal of Family Studies which is a reliable source. The author also listed credible references that were used to write the article. The article discussed how society are so focused on the issues surrounding lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as parents that we forget to take a look at the children that are involved. The thesis of the article is that groups that are against the parents that are in question should only look at hose parent’s quality and the relation that they have with the child. Man/woman, man/man or woman/woman, the structure should not be an issue as long as the child is getting what he/she needs. This source will be good for my paper; it provides information supports my topic. Lynn, C., (2013). With new technologies, ‘parent’ is hard to define. Retrieved November 23, 2013 from Baker Library form Academic OneFile. The author’s source was The Christian Century from The Christian Century Foundation. The source is a credible source but the author did not use any other credible sources to support the information in the article. The article discussed issues that exist in the laws for with non- heterosexual couples. The thesis

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