Annotated Bibliography: The Stem Cell Divide

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Stem Cell Research: An Annotated Bibliography Bellomo, Michael. The Stem Cell Divide. New York: Amacom, 2006. In, The Stem Cell Divide, Michael Bellomo tries to take an unbiased look at the controversy of stem cell research past, present and future. He interviews hundreds of stem cell researchers and shows that side of the issue. The scientific side. The reality is shown of how mos t embryonic cells that have been stored for invitro fertilization are thrown in the trash each year. They are not babies waiting to be born, but leftovers from parents who have had enough children and do not want the rest of their embryos. These cells are valuable to the medical community as well as to the general population. He also gives the opinions of the religious people who oppose stem cell research as murder. Many religions believe that the growing cells are the start of life. Mr. Bellomo also goes into the politics of stem cell research and the medical benefits of it. It seems that this author wrote the book with the intention of being unbiased, but he definitely was for stem cell research. He does show both sides of the issue in a fair way. The book also goes into President Bush’s and President Obama’s political vies and actions regarding stem cell research. This book has many facts and details…show more content…
It is an extremely controversial issue and this controversy has caused many delays in the ability to progress in this field. It discusses how stem cells are new cells that can multiply and cause regrowth of nerves and other cells. Because of this, hundreds of diseases might be cured. Diabetes, spinal cord injuries, severe allergies, cancer and many , many more. This article discusses many areas of research, but one that stands out is the area of iPS cells. These are artificially made stem cells that seem to be able to do the same job as real stem cells. If this works then there would be no
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