Annotated Bibliography: the Metaparadigm of Nursing

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Annotated Bibliography: The Metaparadigm of Nursing Annotated Bibliography: The Meta-paradigm of Nursing Comley, A. L. (1994). A comparative analysis of Orem's self-care model and Peplau’s interpersonal theory. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 20(4), 755-760. doi:10.1046/j.1365-2648.1994.20040755.x This article discusses the nursing model of Orem’s and Peplau’s theories on the four metaparadigm. The author compared each model for differences and similarities. Orem’s model is the self-care theory whereas Peplau’s uses the interpersonal theory. Orem advocate that the domain and limitations of nursing as a field of practice and a field of knowledge is placed along the Self Care Model and the conditions that exists when findings are made to build the patient’s plan of care. Pepluau’s interpersonal relationship theory developed so nurses can better know their patients. This theory also teaches how to better nurse patient relationships. Pepluau’s is comprised of four phases including: (1) orientation, (2) identification, (3) exploitation, and (4) resolution whereas Orem’s (1) self-care deficit, (2) self-care, (3) nursing systems. The article displayed a table which is very helpful in identifying the difference, and similarity Orem’s and Peplau’s nursing metaparadigm theory. Johnston Taylor, E., & Carr, M. F. (2009). Nursing ethics in the Seventh - day Adventist religious tradition. Nursing Ethics, 16(6), 707-18. doi: The authors of this article are both Seventh - day Adventist who spoke of religious belief and ethic. The authors’ discuss how ones religious or belief can affect the care a patient received. The authors discuss the theological assertions of the metparadigm of nursing. The Seventh - day Adventist believes that the person is holistic human nature, state of the dead, image of God, and personalism. Health is

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