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Annotated Bibliography HCS 465 December 9, 2014 Annotated Bibliography Eagle, T., Sheetz, A., & Grum, R. (2012, May). Understanding Childhood Obesity in America: Linkages between Household Income, Community Resources, and Children's Behaviors. The American Heart Journal, 163(5), 836-843. Retrieved from This is an exceptional resource for understanding childhood obesity in America. The authors came up with a method where they identified patterns and diets in children residing in Michigan communities varying annual household incomes, presented their results and came up with a conclusion that obese children residing in communities with lower…show more content…
The author provides three findings which are family income increases probability of childhood obesity for poor families, relationship between income and obesity is stronger among children with a high BMI than those with a lower BMI, and the relationship between family income and childhood obesity becomes stronger as children get…show more content…
(2013, August). Implications of Fast Food Restaurant Concentration for Preschool-aged Childhood Obesity. Journal of Business Research, 67(8), 1573-1580. Retrieved from This research article is very interesting. Childhood obesity has more than tripled over the years and fast food restaurants may be a reason why. Fourteen percent of the lower income, preschool-aged children are obese. In this article, the authors examined the effects on preschool-aged childhood obesity rates associated with the influence of fast food restaurants, urbanization, and consumer poverty. Peer Review Summary All references listed are peer reviewed. The first thing I did when searching the library database was to limit my search results to those that are just peer reviewed. When I found an article, the way I determined they were peer reviewed was first looking to see if they included any notes and/or bibliographic references. I also looked around for the website information their editorial policy and requirements for author’s

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