Annotated Bibliography On Same Sex Adoption

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Same sex and straight couples Equal rights: An Annotated Bibliography Kendra. "Same Sex Adoption Laws by State: Welcome to the Jungle." Its Conceivable RSS. 17 Aug. 2011. Its Conceivable. 23 Nov. 2012 <’s-fun-games/>. Kendra’s purpose is to inform her reader about same-sex adoption. It has many sections and is just simple informing the reader not trying to persuade them. Kendra writes and article about how same-sex adoption isn’t simple but very complicated and difficult. I could use this information of how difficult it is with a testimony from a same-sex couple that has gone through the adoption process. Kendra’s ethos is strong since she used credible sources to gather this information. At the end of the article it lists sources used. With this source it will enhance…show more content…
This source is very credible since it is the Constitution and no changes have been made to it that is not supposed to be there. This source will support my argument and make my ethos highly credible. Freedom to Serve: The Definitive Guide to LBGT Military Sevice. 2011 ed. Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, 2011. OutServe-SLDN. 28 July 2011. SLDN. 26 Nov. 2012 <>. The Book Freedom to Serve: The Definitive Guide to LBGT Military Service was written to help the LBGT community better comprehends their rights and abilities within the military. SLDN’s central claim is that people in the LBGT community have the Freedom to Serve. This source uses up to date information as well as come from a reliable source. I could use this source with another source that talks about the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. I could use this source to support my argument and show that there are being improvements made within the

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