Annotated Bibliography on Paranoia Psychology

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For your final homework assignment, you will be required to write a 5-page paper. In that paper you will write a brief review of literature on some topic in psychology. At the end of this paper, you should identify gaps in the literature and provide a brief proposal for a research project that will contribute to the field. To prepare you for this project, for Homework 7 you are required to write an annotated bibliography and create an outline for your paper. See guidelines below: Annotated Bibliography You are required to turn in an annotated bibliography for Homework 7. This document should include a minimum of 8 references. Please also include a cover page in APA format with the title of your paper. Each entry must include a reference to your source in proper APA format and a paragraph (at least 5-7 sentences) summarizing the scholarly article, chapter, or book IN YOUR OWN WORDS. For empirical articles, be sure to include information about sample sizes, research methods, and results. (See below for guidelines on identifying scholarly sources.) Although not required, I also encourage you to include a second, brief paragraph identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the entry. It is expected that this assignment will give you a good start on your final paper for Homework 9. Outline After completing your annotated bibliography, you are also required to turn in an outline of your paper. This outline will allow you to structure your paper and will aid you in writing the complete document. To create your outline, first describe the area of psychology that you will be reviewing. (Make sure that your topic is specific given that this is a brief literature review.) Then, organize the information from your annotated bibliography. For example, you might start with general information, gradually presenting more specific content, and then moving to the research

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