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Ethics Paper - Annotated Bibliography Grading and Directions Please complete an annotated bibliography on the ethical dilemma you have chosen for your ethics paper. The bibliography should include at least 8-10 journals, texts, web sites, position statements etc. that you have critiqued. Annotated bibliographies are lists of works that provide an overview, an evaluation, or a summary of a source. (Stott, 1991, p. 194) It is most helpful to the reader of an annotated bibliography if the author has made some effort to comment on whether or not the source is recommended to the reader. Full bibliographical information is listed for each reference, but is not necessary to arrange the works alphabetically. The annotations should be typed,…show more content…
C. & Schmitt, M.H. Collaboration between nurses and physicians. Image, 1988. 20 (3). 145-149. The authors develop a definition of collaboration and review the work of several researchers in this area. They present content suggestions for a tool to measure collaboration between nurses and physicians in the intensive care unit. They hypothesize that if such a tool were available it might prove useful in correlating collaboration with patient outcomes. Bandman, E. L. & Bandman, B. Nursing ethics through the life span (2nd Ed.) Norwalk, CT.: Appleton Lange, 1990. An outstanding text divided into major sections. Section one deals with the moral foundations of decision making in nursing and includes portions devoted to exploring the role of the nurse as client advocate and the dynamics of the nurse-physician relationship. Section Two examines specific ethical issues across the life span. A valuable appendix cites several codes for nursing Practice as well as a sample living will. Ethical Dilemma Paper Grading and Instructions Please submit an 8-10 page typed paper on an ethical dilemma of interest to you. The case may be something you have encountered in your clinical practice or a nursing ethical dilemma that is of concern to you. Utilize the Carole Levine text,Taking Sides, as a resource while conducting your…show more content…
Clearly examine the situation you are investigating and make sure that the dilemma meets the test that there are at least two different, compelling, legitimate courses of action which could be taken to resolve the dilemma. An example examining whether or not a patient who has a serious chronic or terminal illness should be able should have the legal right to commit physician assisted suicide versus a nurse knowingly administering a lethal dose of medication to end a patient’s life. The paper should be scholarly and based on professional resources. An actual or fictitious case study needs to be used to examine the specifics of a situation. The Leah Curtin Framework (please refer to Unit 3, Section 21) for Ethical Decision Making should be adhered to closely. The last section of your paper will state the resolution you arrived at and the rationale, which led you to your conclusion. Please see below for the actual grading criteria for the

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