Annotated Bibliography For Special Education

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Running Head:Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography of Special Education Websites Shannon M. Markham Grand Canyon University: SPE 330 11/17/2011 *Table of Contents Meeting Special Education Students 3 Professional Special Education 4 Special Education Legal Rights and * Meeting Special Education Students Needs * Professional Development Awesome Library National Association of Special…show more content…
For example it provides special education teachers and those the different assistive technologies preparing to become one. It also provides a list that are available for special need students. of professional course developments and IEP tools. Council for Exceptional Children Council for Exceptional Children This website works to improve the success that special needs students have in education. It The professional development part of provides a list of standards that should be met this website provides ongoing learning in the special education classroom and how opportunities for the special educator. You they can be met. can find beneficial professional development programs that meet the needs of any
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