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Doe 1 John Doe Mrs. Lewis English 112 3 March 2012 Annotated Bibliography Abortion is a very controversial topic which affect a lot of people today. An abortion is where you terminate a pregnancy at an early stage. When the dead fetus goes out of the body it is about the size of a quarter sometimes recognizable as an incredibly small baby. You can receive an abortion at any age today. People choose to get an abortion for a couple of different reasons which I will discuss later. "The Abortion Pill (Medication Abortion)." Abortion Pill. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Mar. 2013 There are two methods of abortion which are: Medication abortion and In-Clinic abortion. Medication abortion a.k.a "The Abortion Pill" (Mifepristone) is taken…show more content…
The term abortion most commonly refers to the induced abortion of a human pregnancy. The most common surgical methods of induced abortion is by manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) which consists of removing the fetus or embryo, placenta, and membranes by suction using a manual syringe, while electric vacuum aspiration (EVA) uses an electric pump. Out of the 1.21 Million Abortions in 2008 on 825,564 were legally induced. Also four out of ten unintended pregnancies ended in abortion in 2008. Now the big question is what percentage of all pregnancies end in abortion and that is Twenty-two percent. Two facts that may surprise you are Fifty-four percent of women using a form of contraceptive had an abortion and that 0.4% of annual abortions were from girls younger than fifteen. This cite seems very credible because they cover any stat you can think of. They have a very reliable looking website and received this information from a reputable institute. The reason this is important to my research is because it gives me number to go off of when looking at what race has more abortions or how many happen in a year and at what age women receive an abortion most the…show more content…
The main eight way to take care of yourself after an abortion is "Drink lots of fluids, stay off work for a few days if you can, take vitamins, eat healthy food, and try to sleep, take the antibiotics prescribed by your doctor right away, and for the full amount of days prescribed, no exercise for two weeks, no swimming or tub baths for 2 weeks, don't lift anything over 15 pounds for two weeks, don't use ANYTHING vaginally for 2-4 weeks - no sex, no tampons, no douches, you can ovulate as soon as two weeks after an abortion, which means yes, you could get pregnant again within two weeks after an abortion!" They also cover any problems you say encounter and the solution to them. The site is a little bit of an eye soar but is backed up by multiple doctors and physicians. Also this site is very important in my research because it shows me what women may go through after an abortion and what they can and cannot do after

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