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References and Summaries 1. Binkley, J. K. (2006, Winter). The Effect of Demographic, Economic, and Nutrition Factors on the Frequency of Food Away from Home." The Journal of Consumer Affairs (2). 372. Retrieved In this article, the author examines the studies of the negative health effects of increase in U.S food consumption, by table service and fast food restaurants, which continues to increase the rise in obesity. The author identifies important factors regarding gender, income, convenience, age and accessibility, that influence the amount of time and location families dine out. The author also advised that food sold by table service restaurants are not necessarily the most nutritious food for children In relation to my topic, the article gave valuable information on the amount of vending machine food that is consumed by American children and the action that families are taking against this practice based on the information they received from health education.. 2. Bloomgarden, Z.I. (2004). Type 2 Diabetes in the Young. Diabetes care, 27(4), 998-1010. Retrieved This article talks about the fetal environment, genetics and lack of physical environment that people experience during their childhood and adolescence stage, resulting in the increase of insulin resistance that is a part of type two-diabetes. The advanced stage of type two-diabetes occurs when insulin sensitivity and secretion is unequal in the body due to the fact that resistance of insulin in young people is associated with obesity. To treat young people suffering from this disease will be a lifestyle adjustment. This article is to make parents around the world be aware of the disease and its effect on children in their early childhood years. This article is

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