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ate Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography Kennedy, K. (2014). THE PETE PROBLEM. Sports Illustrated, 120(10), 46. This article focuses on former baseball player Pete Rose. It also talks about his lifetime ban from the sport of baseball he received in 1989 for gambling on baseball, making him ineligible for election into the baseball Hall of Fame. It explains his popularity with baseball fans and goes into to how this popularity allows him to earn over $1 million a year for public appearances with not only fans, but former players as well. Although he’s ineligible for the Hall of Fame, the articles states that he draws huge crowds when he shows for Hall of Fame induction ceremonies in Cooperstown. It discusses the bitter relationship between Rose and former manager Sparky Anderson. The article said they had not spoken in many years until one induction weekend when an elderly Sparky Anderson approached Rose’s table and smacked him with a baseball cap while scolding him. It goes on to say that Rose would travel to Anderson’s home a year later to make amends over all the bad blood over the years, meanwhile Sparky Anderson would die six weeks later. Additionally, the article examines the possibility that baseball commissioner Bud Selig might lift Pete Rose’s ban from baseball. Horwitz, T. (2013). League of Her Own. Smithsonian, 44(4), 31-37. This article discusses the story of Jackie Mitchell, a 17-year-old female baseball player who once struck out both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig on the same day. It talks about her playing for the Class AA minor league team, the Lookouts of Chattanooga, Tennessee. The author explains although Jackie Mitchell wasn’t the first woman to play organized baseball, most people remember her best from that day in 1931 in which she struck out Ruth and Gehrig. It goes on to discuss her time playing for the barnstorming team,

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