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Annotated Bibliography Anderson, C. & Bushman, B. J. (2002) The effects of media violence on society. Science Magazine, 12, 2377 – 2379 From this Article, after broadcasting began back in 1946 there has been concerns of the negative effects of prolong exposure to violence in children. By 1972 there had been enough data accumulated by several organizations including the surgeon general, American Psychological Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics, ect, have all shown test results that there are indeed negative effects. Anonymous, (2004) Kids and media in america. Adolesence, 39, pg 1. This article describes the media accessed by children and the effects of such media.This book describes the types, the time, and the effexts from the exposure to sych media, Bauer, R. & Bauer A.H.(1960) America, 'mass society' and mass media. Journal of Social Issues, Vol. 16 Issue 3, p3-66. 64p. This article pertains the the relation of the mass media and the American Society. It talks about one of the key elements in the emergence of the printing press and how it effect media. With the evolution of the technical media applications. Tv and radio took media to a new level reaching people far and wide. CQ Roll Call, (2008) Observing the media in America. International Wire This article is about an intwerview of people concerning the media and the political coverage of the presidential campaigns in the past and how much the media was involved. Curtis, A. (2012) Media influence on society In this article, Mr Curtis explains the basics of media. He starts of by explain that book where the first form of media followed by newspapers, radios, televisions, the internet, and now social media. In today’s world the people that control the media are very huge businesses like Disney and Time Warner. He then explains that media ratings are important and

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