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Annotated bibliography cynthia holmes Devry University English 147N Annotated Bibliography American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, ASPCA (2010). Factory farm animals. Retrieved from This report, by the field investigation response team on factory farm animals’ cruelty reported that factory farm workers who raise animals for human consumption, inject the animals with antibiotics and hormones. They stated in the report that this act will allow animals to have severe painful and short lives. The report gives insight on the inhumane treatment of during their entire lives until they are slaughtered for human consumption. The report submitted their awareness to the public with the view of getting more people to care and as well as enhancing efforts in the prevention of animal cruelty and to prevent diseases in human beings, such as the concerns for over antibiotic use in farm animals as related to the disadvantages to human and animal health that may result from potential overexposure. More than 29 million pounds of antibiotics are used yearly on factory animals (livestock) in the United States. The passing of the law ‘’The Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act’’ helped in discontinuing the practice of giving food animals that are not sick the antibiotics they need, as a means to enhance quality and quantity on farm outputs. Animal Research Institute, ARI (2008). The farm animal campaigns. Retrieved from http://csir-ari-org/animal The choice for healthy food consumption has been the devotional statement and objective of the Animal Research Institute. The findings showed that there has to be reduction in consumption of animal products. Their objectives also stems on the fact that devastating evidence substantiates a link between disease and meat consumption. The

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