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Annotated Bibliography Schachman, R. A. (2010). Online fathering: The experience of first-time fatherhood in combat- deployed troops, Nursing Research, 59(1), 11-17. In this research article the author examined feelings and coping mechanism of combat- deployed troops who became first time fathers while being away from their wives during delivery of their child. Goodman 2005, states that “for many new fathers the birth evoked strong emotions and a feeling of connection with the newborn” (Schachman, 2005, p. 12). The research was limited to fathers in ‘Western countries’, not many absentee fathers have this sense of commitment. Seventeen men who came back from active duty were involved in this study within a month. “All interviews lasted 40 to 65 minutes and were transferred verbatim within 72 hours” (Schachman, 2010, p. 12). The findings arrived at in this study were classified under two main headings. The first one was the distribution of protector and provider role. This includes sub headings of “worry- a traumatic and lonely childbirth, lost opportunity, guilt-an absent father, and fear of death and dismemberment-who will be the father?” (Schachman, 2010, p. 13-14). The second heading was the restoration and provider role with subheading of communication. The outcome of the study revealed that these new fathers concluded that being away from their family upset their fatherhood role significantly .It hindered them from providing and protecting their family. It also showed how interacting with their wives using the different means of online communication helped them to cope and bond with their infants. The study may be of help to nurses who are involved with military family healthcare. It gives them an insight of how these fathers value their parenting role. Nurses can help with family

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