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ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY: Better Health Channel 2010, retrieved 17 October 2011, A concise article on ABI - one of many articles provided by the Better Health Channel – a website approved by independent health and medical experts as well as Victorian Government Department of Health. This article serves well as an introduction or starting point for those interested in learning about ABI, main types and a range of causes, treatment and care, etc. It provides links to further reading materials of interest. Brain Injury Association of Qld 2011, Fact Sheet Index and Online Publications, retrieved 25 October 2011, This page provides a large collection of fact sheets/online publications prepared by the Association and most of these directly relate to ABI or TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). These materials may be of help whether you are a patient, a family member, or even a medical professional. There is no fee for viewing or printing for personal use. A treasure of topics is available, from causes of brain injury, through behavioural and psychological issues, to services available – many services relevant to residents Australia-wide. Brain Injury Australia n.d., retrieved 20 August 2011, A website dedicated to brain injury in Australia and managed by Brain Injury Australia – “the peak acquired brain injury (ABI) advocacy body” operating at a national level. It is a good source of information on support and resources available in Australia. There are frequent updates on news and events pertaining to ABI. Browse presentations and speeches delivered as well as fact sheets on national issues. Information on publications of interest is also available. This is a well-managed

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