Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Annotated Bibliography "Greenville, NC Crime Information and Alerts." Spot Crime, 29 Sept. 2011. Web. 29 Sept. 2011 Spot crime is a place where you can go to look at crimes that happen by your work or by your home. It tells you want type of crimes that happen and if someone was put away for that crime. I would use this for seeing if the crime rate is high. Because if the crime rate is high I would not want to put my guess in to a hotel where the crime rate is high. "Hotels and Motels in Greenville, North Carolina." Hotel Guides for US, Canada, International Hotels - Hotel Guides. Web. 29 Sept. 2011. On this site it gives you the change to look at all the hotels in Greenville, N.C letting see the differcent in all of the hotels. It letts you know what the hotels have and what they do not let you do. This site is good for me because I can check the prices and see how close to the office the hotel is. "Greenville Hotels." Reviews of Hotels, Flights and Vacation Rentals - TripAdvisor. Tripadvisor. Web. 29 Sept. 2011. Its all about the review here, this site gives you reviews on the hotels from people that have gone and stand the night there. Also it has reviews from people that gread hotels for a job, telling you what is all wrong with the place or if it’s a great place to stay. I like this site due to I can see what realy peaple say about the hotel and if it’s the right place for ower guess to stay

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