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Annotated Bibliography U.S Department of Commerce ,U.S. Census Bureau. (2005). In the Opposing Viewpoints Resources Center. Gale: Apollo Library. Retrieved August 28, 2008, from This is a good credible website because; the site collects and provides timely and relevant data about people and economy of the United States. The bureau publishes surveys on a wide variety of subjects, including population, health, education, labor, urban development, women and minorities. I can use all of the surveys and data that the site offers to gather information for my essay. Adams, Sean. “Government and the Economy.”(2006). In the Encyclopedia of the New American Nation. Ed. Paul Finkelman. Gale: Virtual Reference Library. Retrieved August 28,2008, from This source is credible because is an encyclopedia that the articles about economy have been peer review by professionals , using the pages related to the economy structure of the United States, will help me structure the beginning of my essay. Tkacik, Michael. “China and the World Trade Organization: Values in Conflict.” (2001). History Behind the Headlines: The Origins of Conflicts Worldwide. Gale: Virtual Reference Library. Retrieved August 28, 2008, from This book has been peer review by economist all over the world, the pages that I planning on using will help me determine the direction and problems that the U.S. faces with other countries. US Department of Labor. (2008). Economic News Releases. Economic Business. Retrieved August 30, 2008, from This is a good data website provided by the government of the United States, this websites covers information about the economy. This website is updated daily with news concerning the economy of

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