Annotated Bibliography Essay

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Assignment Question: This three-part assessment is designed to develop the skills that you require to pass the course at level 8 and that you will require in all future academic work. These skills are: literature searching; technical referencing; evaluating the relevance and quality of information sources; and summarising a range of material for informing patients and colleagues. This assignment is based on one of Scotland’s priority health areas – Mental Health. For this assignment, you should pick one of the following subject areas: • Mental Health and Wellbeing • Values based Practice • Recovery in Mental Health • Care of the Older Person • Or you may choose another option – however this MUST be discussed and agreed with module coordinators. Part 1: Write a succinct account of your search strategy, i.e. what you did to find your information (600 words). Part 2: Create an alphabetically ordered annotated bibliography of six of your most relevant sources from your literature search (1200 words). Part 3: Using all, and only, the sources within your annotated bibliography, summarise the information you have about your specific focus. Write the summary as if it is going to be an information guide read by patients/service users (1200 words). Page 3 of 7 v2020811 This assessment constitutes 50% of the theoretical assessment for this module. Students should ‘run’ their assessment through Turnitin before submission. Submission of the completed assignment will be deemed to be a declaration that it is all your own work. You are required to adhere to the university’s policy on plagiarism, see and Please refer to the general submission requirements in the student handbook. The assignment must be

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