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Freeman, Jo.. Women: a feminist perspective. 5th ed. Mountain View, Calif.: Mayfield Pub. Co., 1995. Print. Elayne Saltzberg and Joan Chrisler wrote the book, Women: A Feminist Perspective. Jo Freeman’s edited edition of the book accurately depicts the issue with achieving the perfect female body. Though it varies across cultures, changes over time, and is impacted by racism, and class prejudice. She pinpoints ideals including one where -----. Striving to attain the model takes its toil on women in the form of physical pain, health problems, medical procedures, costs of beauty products, time, effort, and damaging psychological effects. My question involves the issue of how the high standards of unreachable beauty today are having psychological effects on women. This particular excerpt relates to the topic because it has many supporting details on how beauty is a fluctuating model that women strive for and few are able to attain, which makes failure and disappointment inevitable. This is shown throughout many centuries of women putting beauty over health in order to be a successful part of society. She also cross-references with over twenty other published articles, which gives credibility. “Those women who do succeed in matching the ideal thinness expected by modern beauty standards usually do so by exercising frenetically and compulsively, implementing severely restrictive and nutritionally deficient diets, developing bizarre eating habits, and using continuous self-degradation and self-denial. Plastic surgery has become so accepted and so common that, although it’s quite expensive, surgeons advertise their services on television. Surgery is currently performed that can reduce the size of lips, ear lobes, noses, buttocks, thighs, abdomens, and breasts; rebuild a face; remove wrinkles; and add “padding” to almost any body part. Not surprisingly, most plastic

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