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The Adverse Correlation of Socioeconomic Status and Education in Albany, Ga. Annotated Bibliography Theron Johnson Urban Politics Submitted to: Sophia Woodard, Ph.D Albany State University I. Defining Socioeconomic Status and It’s Relationship to Education a. North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (1995 June 22) Socioeconomic Status, Learning Point Associates, Retrieved from: In the summer of 1995, Learning points Associates launched a research project along in conjunction with the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory (NCREL) with the goal of exposing the influences of socioeconomic status present in the educational process. The primary mission of this article outlined the privileges and opportunities enjoyed by parents of high socioeconomic status (SES) and conversely, the challenges faced by parents of low SES. The support behind the author’s notion of students of high SES often becoming more successful than their counterparts is based on the resources and influences more prominent parents can afford. This article provided an insight on the true definition of socioeconomic status. The author provided the methods of determination that are involved when deciding a parent’s SES. Factors that include but are not limited to: parental income, education level, and occupation. I gained a more in-depth comprehension of some of the direct effects of positive parental influence. The article also introduced a notion to which I was initially unaware, the theory of parents with a higher SES lacking the time and energy required to fully invest in the student’s education. b. WiseGeek (2007 May 5) What is Socioeconomic Status, Retrieved from: Socioeconomic status abbreviated as SES is a

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