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Annotated Bibliography Michelle Jones BSHS 312 Models of Effective Helping October 01, 2011 Annotated Bibliography Article One Reference Andre, (2009). Mind Mapping Model Behavior. Retrieved on September 29, 2011from Summary of Article This article provides a complete mind map that utilizes people behaviors. This site also gives us the advantage of being able to link specific behaviors with the life themes they manifest by focusing on different areas such as health, finance, family, and career opportunities the site also provides comments giving by other reading that has create a mind map. Article Two Reference BLECKE, D., RENFROW, M., & RUPK, S. J. (2006, January). Cognitive Therapy for Depression. American Academy of Family Physicians, Volume 73(Issue 1) 83-86. Retrieved on September 30, 2011 from Summary of Article This article discusses a combination of cognitive therapy and antidepressants that has been shown to be effectively towards managing severe or chronic depression. The article also discuss that cognitive therapy reduces relapse rates in patients with depression, and some evidence has shown that cognitive therapy is effective for adolescents with depression. The article also states that Cognitive therapy is a treatment process that helps patients’ correct false self-beliefs that lead to certain moods and behaviors. The fundamental principle behind cognitive therapy is that a thought precedes a mood, and that both are interrelated with a person’s environment, physical reaction, and subsequent behavior. Article Three Reference Fishbein, M., & Yzer, M. C. (2003, May). Using Theory to Design Effective Health Behavior Interventions. Communication Theory, Volume 13 (Issue 2) 164-183. Retrieved September 29, 2011 from

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