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Annotated Bibliography Warren, Rick. (2002). The Purpose Driven Life. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan. Warren is a well know, influential pastor from Southern California. The Purpose Driven Life is one of the bestselling books of this century. The book itself starts off with four words: “It’s not about you.” From those four words, Warren will begin to change your life. In his book, Warren will tug on not only your heart strings, but your mind as well. He maintains the view that God planned everything – and everyone. That nothing in this world is an accident. That with God’s planning; everyone has a distinct purpose for their life. Warren has laid out The Purpose Driven Life with 40 chapters, with the intention for the reader to read a chapter a day, thus the phenomenon storming the country, ”Forty Days of Purpose.” After reading The Purpose Driven Life, I feel more encouraged as I am on my journey that I am doing what God has called me to do. That I am living out my purpose that God has for me. Platt, David. (2011). Radical Together: Unleashing the people of God for the Purpose of God. Colorado Springs, Colorado: Multnomah Books. In Radical Together, Platt brings into focus the need of the church to re-examine the use of their resources. In the first chapter, titled “The Tyranny of the Good,” Platt states that churches are not investing themselves in worthless, unfruitful, or unbiblical pursuits. Rather, they are held captive by the "tyranny of the good", spending themselves on labors that are good, but not necessarily best for advancing for the purpose of God's Kingdom. Therefore, churches should "put everything on the table", reconsidering before God our ministry strategies, our worship services, our programs, our finances, and our policies, priorities, and procedures. "The gospel compels the church to go to God with everything

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