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This annotated bibliography focuses on Interpersonal communication and human relationships within the discipline of social work. Harvard referencing has been appointed in this work. Eunson, B 2014, 'Interpersonal skills 2: listening, questioning and feedback', in G Nash (ed.), Communication and Thought (COR109), pp. 186-211, John Wiley & Sons, Milton, Qld. This chapter discusses listening, questioning, and feedback skills in Interpersonal Communication. The author evaluates listening, questioning and providing feedback and the importance of each in term of Interpersonal Communication. The author outlines two types of listening skills such as active and reflective listening. Active and reflective listening allows individuals to engage in conversation and clarify the information. Alongside, listening is effective questioning which is used when interacting with different types of people. The type of questions will depend on type of situation. Effective questioning can assist to receive accurate information by using open and closed questions. Furthermore, tailored questioning would be appropriate for the situation at the time. The final chapter evaluates feedback and the tools involved to provide effective feedback in a number of situations. This chapter defines it as advice, support, and critique in response from one individual to another. The author discusses ineffective and effective feedback, and the feedback sequence as a tool. Applying the feedback sequence to a situation assist the transfer of information between audiences. The author identifies the application of the Johar model, fundamental to the Interpersonal Communication process. The Johar model is explained by disclosing information about ourselves and others. Furthermore, running of a practice requires an effective and smooth service delivery which may depend upon the quality of professionals and

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