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The life and Overdose Death of Anissa Jones. Arnold James at[->0] and (561) 275-4078 Dallas news computer P-125 1,615 Words 119 Lines A very tragic end for Buffy When I decided to write my first biography, I could not decide who or what I should write about, maybe a political figure or a military man or Anissa Jones who starred on the hit television show Family Affair, that lasted an astounding five seasons in prime time. Buffy’s real name was Mary Anissa Jones, she started out as an adorable child star and would die from a drug overdose at the age of eighteen in Oceanside, California on August 28, 1976, the same year our country was celebrating its bicentennial. Anissa Jones as the character she played on the TV show was as much of America as mom and apple pie. The role she played, as Buffy Davis was as close to being her real self as you can get. Backtrack to March 11, 1958; Mary Anissa Jones was born in West Lafayette, Indiana, Her middle name means “little friend” in Arabic and just like Buffy that seems very accurate. Both her mother and father were students at Purdue University at the time of her birth. Soon it was goodbye to Indiana, and hello to Playa Del Ray in Southern California. A typical, beach bum surfer community, not far from the world famous Venice Beach. A good place to start life for Anissa, but would also provide and enable a very dark and tragic end. When she was two years old her mother had Annissa take dance classes. 1964, was the year that Anissa would have her appointment with destiny to become Buffy, they were almost carbon copies of each other. Anissa was Buffy, and Buffy is Anissa. And so it begins. Kathy Garver, who played her older sister Sissy on Family Affair said “Its so tragic. As much as Anissa tried to disassociate herself from the little girl she played on Family Affair. I still found

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