Annie's Baby Essay

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Annie’s Baby By: Bearrice Sparks The book I read was about a girl name Annie, she is fourteen years old. Annie is just like every kid out there. She has friends, goes to school; she likes to go out to the mall, and also plays soccer, but yet feels a bit lonely. Annie meats this new boy while getting off the soccer field. He said that he needed a new friend because he just came to this new school. Annie doesn’t even know his name of even how old he is. The last thing he said to her was “bye friend.” Annie goes home and writes all this on a diary she has, which is her best friend, Annie names her diary Daisy. The next morning Annie gets up supper early to go to school all nice and dress up. That day she did not find him at all. Then about a week later she finds him, she is happier then ever. Annie finds out his name is Danny and is about sixteen years old, and works with his dad at this food place. So Annie wants to go out with this kid, and really can’t stop thinking about him. Daddy asks her on dates and she goes. Annie thinks she is now in love with this boy and wants to spend the rest if her life with him. Danny is a rich boy that lives with his dad in a really big house. One day Annie is asked to go to his house. Annie does not see anything wrong with that so ends up going. Now that they are alone in this house Danny wants to have sex with her. Annie said she didn’t want to so Danny ends up raping her. After all this happens Danny said he is sorry and won’t do it again. Annie said okay and said she would stay with him only if he would never do it again. A few months go by and Danny is all sweet talk. Then they see that Danny is being real abusive, all Danny does is say he is sorry and she would let it go. One day Annie discovers she hasn’t gotten her period. Annie goes to take a test to see if she is pregnant. She tells Daisy

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