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Annie Hall Annie Hall is a film that will always be incredibly special to me and which I try to watch at least once a year. Focusing on the relationship between neurotic stand-up comedian Alvy Singer (Allen) and the titular Annie (Diane Keaton), 'Annie Hall' uses voice-over narration, flashbacks, fantasy sequences, split-screen, broken fourth walls and even animation to examine the progress and ultimate implosion of a love affair. This barrage of techniques was a crucial factor in whetting my appetite for cinematic invention and I credit 'Annie Hall' with being one of my introductions to cinema as something more than just entertainment. All of which ignores that fact that 'Annie Hall' is very, very entertaining. In replacing broad slapstick silliness with a greater amount of dialogue, Allen has crammed his film unbelievably full of hysterical one-liners and charming interchanges. The characters are constantly talking; to each other, to their therapists, even to us. 'Annie Hall' is a very verbally busy film. But it's not all about jabber. 'Annie Hall' is set against the gorgeous backdrop of 70s New York. New York is an important part of the majority of Allen's films and his love of the city is there on screen for all to see (it would be even clearer in the classic 'Manhattan' a couple of years later). Presented in warm, autumnal colors, 'Annie Hall's New York is one of the most immersive film experiences I have ever encountered. We visit cinemas, diners, colleges and apartments right alongside Alvy and Annie. The fact that Alvy occasionally turns to the audience with thoughts and observations makes us feel even more as if we're there (this trick is used most neatly in a scene involving an argument, in which Alvy momentarily tries to get us on his side before turning back to Annie and not acknowledging us for the rest of the scene). 'Annie Hall's ingenious

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