Annie Dillard The Weasel Analysis

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Compare and Contrast What makes us so special as human beings? A human is superior to animals, in the fact that humans are given that choice of common sense and free will. Granted that the human are born with natural instinct just like animal, we are given the superior intelligence of knowing the difference of acting instinctively using our intelligence but also in the same thought human beings when put in a life or death situation will react instinctively just as any wild animal would do. Humans are very clever because we have all five senses for ex: when we touch, we feel and we also have the ability to use them all at the same time. Some animals don’t have all five senses and yes, there are animals that have better hearing, seeing, smelling…show more content…
Humans have more opportunities and chances on the way they want there life to be and animals really don’t have the choice even though they could also live where they want to live. Like I had said before, it would be nice to live like a weasel, but think about it, living like a weasel really means not caring for what others do, say. Like Henry David Thoreau stated, “Can there not be a government in which the majorities do not virtually decide right from wrong, but conscience”? We have the right to live how we want and where we want and by doing what we want, we are willing to face the consequences. Humans also have to worry about the ecnmical burden that comes with every thing. Like the animals, they don’t have to worry about anything they do because everything is there for them. The only thing that they really have to worry about is any predator that comes near…show more content…
There she likes to go every time to sit n a tree that looks like a bench. The sun had just set here there. She was looking at the lily pads and at a yellow bird that had appeared to her right and flew behind her. The bird caught her eye and out of no where she was looking down at a weasel that was looking up at her. To her it seemed like it was “two lovers, or deadly enemies, met unexpectedly on an overgrown path when each had been think of something else”. So then the weasel had disappeared this was only last week. She can’t even remember exactly what had happened but she would like to learn more about the

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