Anne Wiesel's The Diary Of Anne Frank

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Anne Frank underwent a life changing twenty five months of hiding during her teenage years with her family and friends due to the overthrowing Nazi party in Germany . During these years feelings of fear, faith, and courage overwhelmed her but brought her through experiences that she documented, this has educated millions of people about the Holocaust. All aspects of life during hiding including what she struggled with, learned from, and thought about was captured in the pages of her diary. When Anne and her family are first sent into hiding, she has a very optimistic outlook on life. She is always thinking about how much worse it could be and how lucky she is to have what she is given and still have the comfort of her family. She feels as though her life is good and although there are things she doesn’t have, she is content with living like she is. As the months pass she begins to get short tempered and impatient with her mother. She questions why she has to live through the hard times she is…show more content…
The families experience fear, especially the children and wives, when there are break-ins and scares of intruders coming to turn them into the Nazi’s. They experience despair when months pass without any progression and a continuous lack of food and other necessities, but never lost their hope and looked forward to the radio announcement advertising the position of their county against the Nazi party. Although the families were undergoing hard times, they kept their heads and courage up, even in times of great trouble. The diary of Anne Frank has taught an enormous mass of people great lessons about her life and life during hard times such as the holocaust. This diary is a primary source and excellent example of how living really was during this time for an average teenager. Fortunately her diary has lived on to share her story to people of all kinds while she could
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