Anne of Green Gables Essay

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 Anne of Green Gables By: L.M. Montgomery  Amber Lopez March 12, 2011 8th Grade A. Literature Mr.Riedel Anne of Green Gables-Lopez-1 Abstract L. M. Montgomery's intension on writing this book was to say or express that if one door closes two doors open so never give up! I will seek to prove this as she convinces the Cuthbert's that a girl is more beneficial to a farm than a boy. Anne of Green Gables-Lopez-2 Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery is about Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert who are siblings that live on their ancestor's farm, Green Gables, in Avonlea at Prince Edward Island, Canada. Matthew is 60 years old and is to old to do the farm chores so they decide to adopt an 11 year old orphan boy to do his work. Matthew who is terrified of women and little girls arrives at the train station and finds an orphan girl instead of a boy the orphanage sent the 11 year old, Anne Shirley by mistake. Her personality quickly charmed Matthew, and slowly but surely convinced Marilla. Soon after she moves in she becomes best friends with Dianna Barry their neighbor. One day the girls were having a tea party and Anne accidentally gives Dianna red wine instead of cranberry juice so she goes home drunk and her mother will not allow their friendship to blossom any longer. Weeks later Anne saves Dianna’s little sister which had the croop sickness so she gains trust with Dianna’s mother once again. At school Anne competes with a handsome, smart boy named Gilbert Blythe. As she grows up she turns all her attention to academics. Miss Stacy, one of Anne’s favorite teacher encourages her to join a group for students who are enrolling to go to Queen’s Academy! After four years of high

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