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Context Anne Hutchinson is thought to be one of the first feminists ever known. Although she was not trying to cause any problems with her actions or beliefs, the place in which we lived made it so that she was in a problem causing position. Anne Hutchinson was part of a conservative puritan colony in the early 1600’s and she was thought to be extremely outspoken by that community. The town in which she lived, Newtown, Was a male dominated society. In Newton, women were not made to have any power at all, and if any women tried to have a say in any issue, that woman was shunned by the community. As a result, no woman tried really tried to have any power or say in this conservative puritan community of Newtown, except for Anne Hutchinson.…show more content…
Identification The Trial of Anne Hutchinson took place in November of the year 1637. Hutchinson was being tried in a little Massachusetts town called Newtown. Anne Hutchinson’s prosecutor was Governor Winthrop, as well as the people of Newtown. Hutchinson was being tried for leading church groups while being a woman. Winthrop claimed that Hutchinson was bad mouthing the other ministers as well, saying that they couldn’t teach the whole gospel. The information for this essay was gathered from a documentation of Anne Hutchinson’s trial. From reading the trial, it became apparent that the document was primarily a political document, but also partly a social document as well. The trial of Anne Hutchinson is obviously political in the fact that in the puritan town of Newtown, the church had a lot of power over many issues, and basically acted almost as the government for that town. All of political issues or problems…show more content…
Anne Hutchinson is a pioneer for women’s rights being one of the first women to stand up for their gender. The main issue addressed in the document about Anne Hutchinson is the demonstration of sexism, and prejudice against women. At that time, it was normal to treat women the way that they were being treated, with basically no rights whatsoever. The prejudice against women is a dominant issue throughout the document because it still exist in some sense today, but it nonetheless has come a long way from when Anne Hutchinson faced it. Anne Hutchinson’s trial directly reflected the values and central themes of Newtown in the 1600’s because it showed how it was such a male dominated society. It also showed how religiously centered everything was and that the church was basically the center of everything in that community. The trial also proved how conservative the town was. The value system of Newtown in that time period was directly centered around the church, where the ministers were looked upon to have the most wisdom, and consequently he most power as well. The documentation of Hutchinson’s trial supports the proof of Newtown’s values because it states repeatedly that the only offense that Anne was basically being tried for was being a woman and leading people in their spiritual lives, which was only supposed to be a man’s job. This document is

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