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When thinking about freedom of speech, religion, etcetera, many names and thoughts come to mind: Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and many others. It is simple to believe that without any prior knowledge, the fight for freedom in America started as early as when the United States claimed its independence in 1776. But, the fact is that freedom of speech and religion can be dated back into the colonial days of America. One of the most influential people who ultimately started to fight for freedom was Anne Hutchinson. From her early childhood of being educated on theology and religion, to her life with William Hutchinson and following John Cotton, and finally to her controversial actions against the Church that would lead her to be banished, Anne Hutchinson served as the basis for freedom of speech, religion, and women’s rights. Born as Anne Marbury, she was given birth in Alford, England on July 1591. Although she was born in Alford, she lived in Lincolnshire, England. The date of her birth is unknown, but she was baptized on July 20, 1592, so it is believed that she was born prior to her baptism date (Michael P. Winship, The times and trials of Anne Hutchinson : Puritans divided (Kansas: University of Kansas, c2005), 201). She was born to Bridget Dryden and Francis Marbury, who was a puritan minister. There is not much information on her mother Bridget Dryden but her father, Francis Marbury, served as a deacon at Christ Church Cambridge. He believed that the churches in England were abusing their power by basing the sermons on political reasons, not religious ones. As a result of this, he was arrested “for his subversive words of dissent” (William Dunlea, Anne Hutchinson and the Puritans: an early American tragedy (Pittsburgh: Dorrance Pub. Co, c1993), 105) and was sent to jail for a year. Although he was arrested, Francis Marbury still emphasized his beliefs

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