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ANNE GEDDES Anne Geddes was born on September 13, 1956 in Queensland, Austraila. At 17, she traveled to New Zealand and took on many different jobs before moving back to Brisbane in Queensland where she met Kel Geddes. She married her husband Kel in 1983 after they moved to Hong Kong for two years where she first professionally picked up a camera and photographed her friends and neighbors children. After building an extensive portfolio Anne and Kel returned to Sydney where their first daughter Stephanie was born. When the family moved to Melbourne in 1986 their second daughter Kelly was born and Anne set up her first studio in their run down garage at the back of their garden. In 1997 they moved to New Zealand where Anne now lives…show more content…
10 years after she first photographed her friend's babies her first calendar was finally published in 1992. Anne and her husband sold the calendar door to door from their car and raised over $20,000 to prevent child abuse and since then over $5.7 million has been donated to help prevent child abuse and neglect in Australia, New Zealand, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. Their charitable giving resulted in the non-profit Geddes Philanthropic Trust. In 1993 Anne and Kel sold their home in New Zealand and invested $20,000 to self-publish her second calendar. It sold out in three weeks. They used profits to print another 20,000 copies that also sold out. Afterwards an interested publisher called them. Her first book Down In The Garden was published in 1996 and led to Anne being on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Anne has sold over 19 million books and 13 million calendars in 83 different countries and in 25 different languages. Anne's first book "Down In The Garden" Anne is known for her images of babies, young children, and motherhood. Many of her images show the babies and children dressed as flowers, small animals, and faeries. Anne uses many multiple birth and twin clubs and photos that parents have sent her to find her models. Her sittings usually last about 30 minutes in the morning while babies are well rested. Everything is set up in advance so all the babies have to do is sit. Parents are kept

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