Anne Gedde And Photography

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Anne Geddes was born September 1956 and raised in Queensland, Australia. Ever since she was a young girl she has been fascinated by the emotional power that a carefully crafted photographic image can convey. Her photography skills developed rapidly, entirely self-taught photographer, she began experimenting with the family’s Pentax K1000 camera she perfected her signature style of simple structure and immediate visual impact. “What led me to become a photographer was that I have always loved looking at images, although I never really considered that career for myself. I didn’t even think it was an option until I was 25, and in a position where I could make a change. It was then that I decided to give photography a try” she had explained about her passion. {Quotations found at:} Anne Geddes is a portraitist who photographs in black and white as well as colored. The subject matter that most interests her are babies and young children dressed as fictional characters. In her photographs, the babies are almost always sleeping or in a daze. “We go to great measures to create a peaceful and comfortable environment for the babies and their parents…Generally whenever you see sleeping babies in my images, they are newborns. Babies who are this young generally sleep a lot, and a change of environment doesn’t bother them at all. As long as they are fed, they usually sleep for long periods of time” She explains. But how does she photograph something so notoriously difficult? “I don’t really find them difficult to photograph at all. You just keep an open mind and a sense of humor” says Anne Geddes. {Quotations found at:} Anne Geddes chooses children because they are her love. As she explains, “I have a deep love and respect for children and I cannot

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