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Quote: “The weak die out and the strong will survive, and will live on forever” I chose this quote because it represents the mother’s nature. Book: Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl Arthur: Anne Frank Setting Anne Frank’s diary begins on Sunday, June 14, 1942, during World War II. At this time, thirteen-year-old Anne and her family live in Amsterdam. Shortly after Netherlands was occupied by Nazis, the Jews begin receiving “call up notices” and are sent to concentration camps. When Margot, Anne’s sister, is told to report to Nazis Headquarters, her father realizes that the family must hide and arranges for them to stay at the “Secret Annex” above Otto Frank’s office. The three-story building faces a canal constantly patrolled by the Nazis. The first floor is…show more content…
Anne thinks that her sister, Margot, is smart, pretty, but she does not write much about her. Anne also develops a close friendship with Peter van Daan, the teenage boy in the annex. Anne’s diary ends without comment on August 1, 1944. However, the Frank family is betrayed to the Nazis and arrested on August 4, 1944. Conflict The German Nazis has something against Jewish people and is out to kill and enslave them. The Frank family is one of the many Jewish families who are in danger. Margot Frank who is Anne`s sister was called to go to a concentration camp so Otto decided to take the whole family into hiding. The family goes into hiding in the Attic above Otto’s office. Anne and her family stayed in hiding for a very long time. While in hiding Anne discovers more of herself through a diary she named Kitty and that she got for her 13th birthday. Resolution The Nazi`s were informed of Jew`s living in an attic in the back of an office. The Nazi`s stormed into the attic and took everyone into custody. The families were split up and sent to concentration camps. The only two people who got to stay together were Anne and
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