Anne Frank Journeys Essay

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When a person embarks on a journey they develop a sense of self-actualisation. The starting of a journey may not always be by choice but once the inner journey is travelled, a person establishes an acceptance of their reality and begins to understand their surroundings. This is shown in the novel “The Diary of Anne Frank” where a young girl depicts her experiences of hiding from Nazi fascists in WWII. It is through Anne Franks acceptance of reality that her inner journey can influence audiences for years to come. As a person experiences hardship, the stages of dealing with their reality manifest themselves in different ways. For Anne Frank, diary entries allowed her mentally to move from her naïve state to the acceptance of reality. Anne begins writing her diary in 1942 and in the beginning the reader is faced with the words of a young girl who is struggling to understand her situation. The diary entries permitted her to deal with her denial, and the diary became an emotional outlet. The image of this young girl is immediately apparent in Anne’s first diary entry. The reader straight away feels like they are in the position of being Anne’s friend she states; “I hope I will be able to confide everything in you and I hope you will be a great source of comfort and support.” This however proves to be false. Anne’s refutation of the happening world events causes her to befriend her diary. This naïve girl is further demonstrated through her childish approach to her families’ need to go into hiding saying “That was it. May these sombre words not come true for as long as possible”. Throughout the novel the audience sees Anne’s journey as she travels through the stages of understanding and the use of diary entries highlight her point of view as she starts to discover the truth of her reality and herself as a young adult. “I’ve changed quite

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