Anne Frank and Book Thief Comparision

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Dear Diary, The Jews, the Germans, the people, had their fingers crossed. They hope for the best as they speak their silent prayers with closed eyes. The hushed sobs and the ghastly images of their homes turning into a pile of rubble leaves them mute. It leaves them without words. Their heart rate increases as they hear the ear-piercing whistle of their horrid fate. It was an omen, an air raid, a bomb. I cannot imagine what was going on in the people’s minds. This inanimate object was changing their fate. How will they survive if all they had was lost? The bombs intimidated them. It scared them. The bombs haunted the minds of anyone from young to old. It was one of their many standover men in their lives. Both Anne Frank and Liesel have experienced bombings and air raids. This traumatic familiarity has left them and their family worried and anxious. “Rosa rocked back and forth, ever so gently. ‘Liesel,’ she whispered, ‘come here.’ She held the girl from behind, tightening her grip. She sang a song, but it was so quiet that Liesel could not make it out.” Even the tough, wardrobe-looking lady, who occasionally lets out a string of colorful words, cannot hide the fact that the thoughts in her head were mentally killing her. Rosa Hubermann even starts singing to Liesel to keep herself sane. As Death continues on, he points out how even the smallest of kids are paralyzed with understanding and fear. Anne Frank goes through the same treatment. “How scared the ladies are during the air raids. For instance, on Sunday, when 350 British planes dropped half a million kilos of bombs on Ijmuiden, how the houses trembled like a wisp of grass in the wind, and who knows how many epidemics now rage.” She knows how the bombs tantalize the country she lives in. A bomb drops and it misses the Secret Annexe by a mile. Another one drops, and this one only misses by a kilometer. The

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