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Question 1 “The Diary of a Young Girl” written by Anne Frank highlights the trauma and ordeals which the Jewish people underwent during the Holocaust. The awareness of the diary being a true story and the form which it is written in illustrates to the reader the harsh reality which the Jews like Anne Frank and her family went through as well as the emotions faced by a young teenage girl. Although Frank's diary contains nothing of her experience at Bergen-Belsen, the concentration camp where she and her sister died, however it does provide an altogether human portrait of the Jewish suffering during the Holocaust. Anne has to deal with the emotional traumata associated with a drastic change of lifestyle and the feeling of knowing that her friends are being treated so badly. William Faulkner’s characters in the novel “As I Lay Dying” also experiences emotional trauma with the death of Addie but also experiences the physical trauma of the journey to Jefferson. Initially when Anne first receives the diary for her thirteen birthday she see it as a new friend and confidant, counting on the diary to be the sympathetic, nonjudgmental ear she has been unable to find elsewhere because she feels her friends and family all misunderstand her. However once she goes into hiding in the annex, Anne feels even more misunderstood. The diary offers Anne much solace in the annex as well acting as a mean of catharsis to deal with all the traumatic experiences she faced due to the Holocaust. Writing diligently in the diary also helps Anne redirect her strong feelings and emotions instead of expressing them outright and causing damage to the fragile relationships within the confined annex. Anne’s constant diary-writing not only enables her to master her traumatic experiences but allows her to discover her inner voice and her voice as a writer. The diary gives her a private place to

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