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Anne Frank Anneliese (Anne) Frank was a beautiful daughter, sister, friend and individual. Anne was born in 1929, three years after her older sister, Margot. Anne fled with her family to the Netherlands after the Nazi seizure of power in 1933. The family went into hiding in 1942 with four other friends. They hid in a sealed-off-office known as the "Secret Annex." This essay will include Anne's life before hiding, Anne's life while hiding, Anne's family and friends, how the Frank's got arrested, who survived the war and how Anne's diary became published. Anne Frank lived a safe life before she went in hiding with her family. Anne was born in Frankfurt, Germany. The Frank's family business included banking, the manufacturer of cough drops and management of the springs at Bad Soden. After the Nazis won in national elections in 1932, Adolf Hitler was appointed next year chancellor of Germany. Anne's father, Otto had earlier thought of the idea of emigrating, and in 1933 the family went from Frankfurt to the Netherlands, where her dad continued his career as a businessman. Anne attended school in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her last year at a school desk was in 1941, when she was twelve years old. In 1938 Anne Frank's uncles escaped the country to enter the United States. After the Nazis took over The Netherlands, anti-Jewish decrees, gypsies, and homosexuals followed in rapid succession. Later Anne's sister received a notice to report to the Nazis. The family then went into hiding with four other friends in the "Secret Annex." It took time for Anne to get use to life in hiding. She shared a room with her sister and slept on a filthy mattress. "The Secret Annex" was a sealed off office. The office was abandoned and there was a factory workshop below it. They had to keep quiet so the soldiers, and the factory workers wouldn't hear them. They kept themselves

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