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War, travesty, hiding, knowing that in only minutes some one could barge down the door. Well Anne Frank lived that life, so when I hear all that and someone walks up to me and say how can learning Anne Frank’s life change you. All I can say is how cant it. Don’t you think knowing that everybody you love could be dead make you want to hug a little more? Or waste a little less knowing you could be fighting for food in weeks by the simples of means. Why wouldn’t you enjoy the outdoors knowing at any moment you could be hiding in attic with no sunlight or fresh air because a man thinks he should have more power then the rest of us? Well if this doesn’t change your lives then I am here to make a point. I want to tell you all the ways it changed my life. Then at the end of this presentation and you don’t feel changed then fine with me. When you think of family I bet you get a lot of good thoughts but when you imagine a war all these thoughts just go away when you usually thinking about that time in Disney land or the park your thinking are the safe are they a life then all those little fights and times set apart so when. I am mostly one of those kids that sit on the computer all days and won’t even talk to his parents. Sometimes I skip dinner with my parents to watch TV. I’ve done a lot of bad discussion when coming to family. But ever since I read Anne Frank I’ve been spending more time with them even last Tuesday I went to the park as a family and never miss a chance to have a dinner with my family. But when think of family A think of all the food I’ve wasted with my family I’ve another war we wouldn’t need to worry of bullets starvation would kill us. And then every single day I’m throwing away a pop cause its warm or talking way to much that half of it gets thrown away. Even some times I would throw away leftovers because I wanted pizza. Now a days

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