Anne Frank Essay

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Introduction 1: Anne Frank and her family and another family the Van Daan’s went into hiding in the attic of an annex. They were hidden in the attic for two years until they were betrayed to the Nazis. It all starts off with Anne’s 13th birthday where she gets her diary and names it “Kitty’. She says that the diary is her only friend because she cannot talk to anyone about anything . Even before Anne goes into hiding, the Jewish people had been mistreated and forced into small-restricted areas away from the rest of Germany. They were also restrictions on their daily lives. Jewish people were expected to be back in their homes before sunset . Hitler also made sure that the Jewish community was as miserable as possible by removing any source of enjoyment. He made sure that the Jewish community was completely separated from the rest of Germany, including the children. Hitler had separated the Jewish children from the other children in Germany by forcing them to attend separate schools. Anne attended “Jewish Lyceum in Amsterdam”. Anne became close to a boy named Harry, who ironically is the first person she talks about in her diary. Anne was happy with life, but that all changed when the Nazi threatened forcing them into hiding. Suddenly Anne’s world came crashing down. When she first arrives, she does not write much and feels isolated and loneliness. When Anne starts writing again she is more mature due to the fact that Anne is now forced to grow up and face the harsh reality that she is now being trapped in. Anne loves her family but she never really gets close with them because she feels that they don’t understand what’s going through her mind. She soon talks about the war from what she can catch on the radio. A major thing Anne does not understand is why she is being treated so differently and horribly just because she is Jewish. In her second last entry,

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