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The story of Anne Frank is so incredible and historical that it is hard to believe that the characters were real people and that they really went through all of the struggles. I would have loved to have known the Frank family, because from what I’ve read of them, they were extremely brave individuals who hid from the Nazi army for years. Anne not only lived with her family in the “secret annex”, but with another family, the Van Daans, who had a son, Peter, and a dentist, Dussel. Since the secret annex was in the building that Mr. Frank previously worked in, the eight jews had to remain quiet during the day while the business was open. However at night, they could make noises if they please because the building was deserted. For years they lived that way, and it was an amazing tale of bravery. The main character, and the author of the book is Anne Frank. She was a young Jewish girl who lived during World War II. For her thirteenth birthday she got the diary, “The first greet to me was you, possibly the nicest of all.” (Frank 1) She named the diary Kitty, and wrote entrees to her whenever she got the chance. She tells Kitty her deepest thoughts, from talking about boys to the war, about her school and family, and most importantly, about hiding out in the secret annex. She tells how scared she is of being bombed and that she wants to be an actress and a writer. Her last diary entrée was on August 1, 1944, before her and the 7 other Jews were arrested and sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp were she eventually died. Since then, she has became a legacy. Another person who impacted the story and Anne’s life was the only survivor from the annex, Anne’s father, Otto Frank. Anne had a great relationship with her father and she loved him very much. “When Otto Frank returned in 1945, Miep and Elli gave him the notebooks and papers in Anne’s hand writing

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