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Anne Frank After the Holocaust, Americans and the rest of the world were inflicted with the horrors of the event, when Anne Frank described them. The Diary of Anne Frank was a way for people of all ages to relate to and understand the cruelties that Jewish people were forced to face. But the real question is how did the Diary of Anne Frank affect the world’s outlook of the Holocaust? Though the Diary of Anne Frank did not influence people or ideas during the war, it inspired the world to become more aware of the cruelties of the Nazi’s during the Holocaust, after the war. Though many diaries were written by Jewish people during the Holocaust, Frank’s diary was well recognized because of her age and the adolescents who first encountered it. Anne Franks’ life was taken by the Nazi’s simply because of her religion. Anti-Semitism, or hatred of the Jews, was prominent in Germany and for decades many German’s blamed Jewish people for their failures. When Adolf Hitler found that many people supported Anti-Semitism, the Nazi’s targeted and persecuted any Jew, giving them more and more power in Germany (American History, 749). In the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America it states that “all men are created equal.” The Holocaust undermines this idea; millions of ordinary individual’s lives were destroyed and many were taken because of their religion. One of these lives would be the young girl, Anne Frank. The reason why her life is well remembered was her documentation. Before the war, on Friday July 12th, 1942, Frank was presented with a diary from her parents for her 13th birthday which she named “Kitty”, little did she know the diary she “[hoped] to confide in completely“ would become published by Otto Frank, Anne’s father (Frank 1) Since then Anne has become the symbol of children that were murdered during the Holocaust (Roosenberg). The Diary

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