Anne Bradstreet vs. Jonathan Edwards

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Anne Bradstreet vs. Jonathan Edwards During the Puritan time period, many people started writing different things such as poems, verses, short stories, and novels. Anne Bradstreet, a more modern Puritan writer, wrote different poems based on her beliefs, thoughts, and feelings. Jonathan Edwards, a minister, wrote a sermon based on his belief of God’s punishment on those that sin. Both authors are viewed differently, but still wrote in the same plaintive Puritan style. Their viewpoints on eternal life, God’s relationship to people, and human frailty mostly differ, but their beliefs were still the same. Anne Bradstreet wrote many poems, but only two that I will describe. She describes experiences that happened through poetic and biblical words. Her first poem, “Upon the Burning of House”, talks about how she felt when her house burnt down. She knows that this was all God’s will to make this happen, and we can understand this from the words “ It was His own, it was not mine” (line 17). Although she lost everything, she blesses God for the good times she had in that house, but eventually good things must come to an end. We can see this through the line, “ I blest His name that gave and took” (line 14). She knows, through the words “My hope and treasure lies above” (line 54), that in the future God will give her all what she deserves, and all her treasures are in heaven. Anne knows that God is rewarding and gives gifts to the deserving of it. Even though all this destruction happened to her, her belief in God becomes stronger than ever. She says “In silence ever shall thou lie, Adieu, Adieu, all’s vanity” (line 35-36), and that we have no control over all the small things in this world, rather God is the one who gives us the gift of life that we should be thankful for. In Anne’s next poem, “ To My Dear and Loving Husband”, she describes the love she has for

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