Anne Bradstreet and Modern America

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Anne Bradstreet and Modern America Anne Bradstreet was one of North America’s first privileged women to have evolved in the New World with remarkable success. She voiced her deepest emotions about every aspect of unfamiliar life and did so by writing those emotions in a timeless way. A contributing factor to her success was her Father. He ensured that she was educated before leaving for the new world. In addition, he was very involved in her upbring and sharing his passion for writing with her. It can be seen how her continued pastime of writing was a way to reminisce about her father perhaps because she continued writing when she came to America. In America, she noticed that the world demanded from her new things and at first she was apprehensive but then became “convinced it was the way of God” ( 207). Her remark on the exposure to the new world suggests that religion was what really was new to her and she submitted to it by joining a Boston church. Her work gives modern America a glimpse at what life was like for woman in a Puritan society. Anne Bradstreet’s brother in law, John Woodbridge secretly had taken some of Anne’s writing back to London and had them published in what became The Tenth Muse. Her work speaks of loneliness, love, loyalty, doubt, faith, and perseverance. It focuses in on what Americans still value; family, home and the mundaneness of life. Furthermore, her work can still relate to what is on the hearts of many Americans today involving religion, marriage, work, illness, and worldly uncertainty. During the 17th century, woman like Anne Bradstreet were well taken care of by the men in their society. The only duty that the woman were responsible for would have been house chores which included taking care of the children, teach the children about God, and cooking cleaning and sewing. Bradstreet would have had a busy lifestyle yet she still

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