Annalysis of the Music Project Essay

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TASK AND PROJECT ASSIGNMENT A) ANALYSING THE MUSIC PROJECT INTRODUCTION According to Haines (1989): “Projects are multi-skill activities focusing on topics or themes rather than on specific language targets. Of crucial importance is the part which the students play in the initial choice of subject matter and in the decisions related to appropriate working methods, the project time table and the end product. Because specific language goals are not prescribed, and because students concentrate their efforts and attention on reaching an agreed goal, project work provides students with opportunities to recycle known language and skills in a relatively natural context.” In addition, through project work, teachers create exciting learning environments that require active and involved student for their own learning. It means, Project Work is considered as a series of activities that allows the students to study, do research and act by themselves using their abilities, interests, personal experience and aptitudes guided by the teacher who gives ideas about project work, advice about the topic, how to manage the data collection process and planning, and finally the opportunity to develop language skills creating a student community of inquiry involving authentic communication, cooperative learning, collaboration, and problem-solving. “The other important quotation is that the Music Project” from -It’s Magazines- (Campbell 1996) could be considered as a third generation task which generates a chain of tasks that are connected each other but simultaneously each one of them are autonomous with different levels of complexity. I. THE PROJECT ANALYSIS Part I: The project analysis is based according to Ribé and Vidal (1995), following the 10 basic steps stablished by the authors. 1. Creating a good classroom atmosphere: It is very important to create a good atmosphere

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