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Anonymous Ms. Stricker English 3 April 8, 2013 The Effect of Depression on Literature Edgar Allan Poe has been considered by many as one of the most beloved writers of all time. He has been known to write tales of mystery and surreal macabre. The poem “Annabel Lee”, which was written in 1845, is actually what had made Edgar Allan Poe famous. Poe’s depressing life had definitely contributed to his way of writing. However, it was through the poem “Annabel Lee” that Poe was able to actually express his feelings about the death of his wife. Edgar Allan Poe uses his own experiences in life to actually write the poem “Annabel Lee”, which is why he should be considered a great American author for the English curriculum. Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts to the parents David Poe Jr. and Elizabeth Arnold, both were traveling actors. He was the second child of the Poe family, his brother was William Henry Leonard Poe, who became a poet as well, and his sister Rosalie Poe, who became a teacher at a girl’s school in Richmond. He never really knew his parents because his father had left the family and when he was three years old, his mother had died of an illness, generally assumed to be tuberculosis. The young and orphaned Edgar Allan Poe was separated from his siblings and taken in by a couple from Richmond, John Allan and his wife Frances. John Allan was a successful tobacco merchant so to expand the business the family moved to London this was when Poe was age 6. The London tobacco market, however, collapsed putting his firm in debt of $223,000 and, unable to pay the rent, forced the family to move back to America. Edgar Allan Poe would often get into fights with his father leading to his own father’s lack of support towards him. In February 1826, Poe was enrolled at the University of Virginia, but he had suffered from a

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