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12-ICIT 9-11/4/07 in RoC Going for Gold ~ Kaizen & Org. Development Paper #: 05-08 Page- 1 /7 Organization Excellence Journey : Critical Success Factors of Engineering firms in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates Dr. Hesham A. E. Magd Assistant Professor, Certified Programs Leader, e-TQM College, Duabi, United Arab Emirates Dr. Abdel Moniem Ahmed Director of Graduate Studies, e-TQM College,Duabi, United Arab Emirates Salah ElDin Adam Hamza SOFCON, Consulting Engineering Co. Saudi Arabia ABSTRACT The use of critical success factors has covered many industries during the last decade. The scope of the business may vary, but the importance of improvement towards excellence is a common business objective and the capacity of organizations to implement critical success factors is very important to achieve success in the long run. Therefore, the objectives of this current study is to identify the critical success factors in achieving organizational excellence in the Arabian Gulf Environment through a structured questionnaires. The results of this study are based on 114 participants at different levels and responsibilities in engineering organizations in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. The results of the study provide an insight to engineering business managements in the Gulf region on the critical sauces factors that are appropriate to their needs in order to achieve organizational excellence. Keywords: Critical Success Factors; Excellence; Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates; Engineering organizations 1.0 Introduction Organizations in today's business environments are faced with major challenges on daily basis. For example making sense of conflicting priorities, allocating limited resources, understanding the impact of the organizations actions, comparing performance with competitors and responding to customer needs in

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